Harvesting the Treasured Morel

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Travis_20100411aThe first thing to consider here is the ongoing life-cycle of the morel mushroom. People are constantly mentioning that they aren’t seeing the populations they once observed for a particular area. This is believed to be caused by people using paper and plastic bags for harvesting the morel mushroom. If you want more morel mushrooms and greater areas in which to find the morel mushrooms, then you need to choose a container that is more environmentally friendly to the morel mushroom.

The solution is simple. The morel mushroom has thousands of tiny spores within the cone or head of the mushroom. These spores are carried by animals, insects, and by the wind to other areas and deposited on the ground. These spores will then grow into tomorrow’s morel mushrooms. This is typically how mushrooms reproduce.

When we put our morels into plastic bags, paper bags or containers the spores do not get redistributed throughout the area and therefore eliminate any possibility to help the future morel populations. By utilizing a good fiber mesh bag to carry our morels, these spores will fall through the mesh and onto the ground as we continue hunting. We are then helping the mushroom propagate it’s spores throughout the area, increasing the opportunity for a larger morel population in the years to come.

Morels also need to breath and stay dry and cool. The mesh bag aids in this by allowing air to pass through the bag as you walk. The air then evaporates any moisture or condensation that has settled on the morel mushrooms, causes a cooling effect. Thus, keeping your morel mushrooms fresh and cool during your hunt.

When returning to your vehicle do not place the fresh morels into your trunk or back window. Try to keep them in a shaded but well circulated place. This will help them remain fresh for the ride home.

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