Review on the Morel Mushrooms

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The Morel season is winding down here on the 40th parallel. The weather permitted a great harvest of Morels this year. I have heard stories from all over the mid-west that this has been one of the best years in the last 20 for Morel hunting. I am now proud to report that my season was very successful as well. More importantly than just finding morels, what I take stock in is that I have added more than 5 new areas to hunt morels in the coming years.

5671617228_58be9eb687Each season brings the challenges and questions about where and when the morels will spring from. It is always important to add a couple new areas to check each year. More often than not your current areas will continue to produce as well, but with more folks taking an interest in Morel hunting, its growing more common that your areas were picked over before you get to them. This is why it is important to continually grow your search areas.

On other news the spring Turkey season was only mildly successful. I want to let all of you who read my blog know that we need to respect the Turkey hunters, and as responsible morel hunters we need to give Turkey hunters their needed time to complete their hunt before tramping through the forest looking for morels. Let’s respect all hunters, and avoid any future conflicts by staying out of designated hunting areas, until around noon when most Turkey hunters clear out of the woods. The morels aren’t going anywhere, and will still be there in a few hours, when we are allowed to gather them up. So please respect the Turkey hunters, and allow them a successful hunt as well. Words of wisdom, Turkey goes great with Morels, and remember Turkey hunters are armed.

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