Science and Technology have nothing on the Morel Mushroom

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I’m just now getting back to my regular schedules, as the morel season has been plentiful this year. I have had a chance to review several Android Applications that aided my hunting this year. A few to mention are Cabela’s Recon Hunt, Google Tracks, and GPSCompassMap. I wrote a review on Cabela’s Recon Hunt a couple days ago. Although this is designed for hunting game animals, I found it very useful to hunt morels. Read more about my review here. Google Tracks is new and was just released during the writing of my Cabela’s review. So being a devoted Google user, I tried it out. I will save the full review for a future post, but I will share that it works well and does a bit more than most other mapping tools, though not quite what I was seeking in a hunting aid. GPSCompassMap, however was very nice, though a battery hog, it also fell short for being a hunting aid. There are several really great mapping/navigation applications for both Android and iPhone users. If you have a favorite or would like me to try one of yours out and give my review please drop me a line.

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