Searching for Morels in Colorado

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I have moved to Colorado since my last post nearly a year ago, and am trying to get dialed in to these elusive  Morels. I spent last weekend stumbling around Estes Park hoping to establish a few new spots to hunt this year. The temperatures are still a bit on the cold side throughout the high country, and the flowers are just starting to break. Spring is slow coming, which works in my favor this year as I am still scouting areas. If anyone has information to share please hit me up.  I know I won’t enjoy the harvests I experienced in Illinois and Indiana, but I would like to get an ounce or two of morels here in Colorado this year.

2 thoughts on “Searching for Morels in Colorado

  1. I don't know much about mushroom hunting in Colorado, but I do know they are found at various elevations throughout the season.

    But, what I'm wondering is where in central Illinois and Indiana did you hunt? Was it on private land or public land? I've recently retired and will have many days to walk the woods which I enjoy as much as the find. If you'd be so kind to share any ideas on where to hunt that I might be successful outside my area of Paris, IL, I'd appreciate it. I plan to go to Turkey Run State Park and Shades, maybe down to Brown County, IN. I do hunt at some of the parks near me but I'm looking to expand my scope.

    Best of luck to you this upcoming season.

  2. When I was a kid in Wyoming we would find them in and around burn scar areas. The Waldo Canyon fire about 4 years ago in Colorado Springs is still recovering. You might find some there. HWY 24 in Colorado Springs goes straight up into that area.

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