Welcome Morel Hunters!

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Welcome morel hunters! Drop me a line and let me know your success this season. I would like to post a few stories about your successes, failures, or just funny or unusual finds or instances.

5674432076_4d2ded1a08Last weekend I had the pleasure of going over to Mansfield, Indiana for the annual Mushroom Festival. The crowd seemed a bit thin, but the finds were incredible. They were auctioning off huge bags of morel mushrooms, and the prices were pretty good. Most sales averaged about $30 per pound with some stretching that margin when the bag contained some larger mushrooms. It was a great time and an excellent opportunity for the whole family to get out and enjoy.

We seen a giant morel that I’m guessing was around 12 inches tall and weighed 1.3 lbs. I was so dumb-founded that I failed to get a picture to share with you. So I’m sure one of my readers captured that trophy. If you or someone you know has harvested a trophy morel and would like to share, send them to me with some basic information about date found, and location or the state will be fine. Hopefully we can get some friendly competition going and we can assemble a trophy room for some of the greatest morel finds.

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